Mobile heating pad, stadium pad, seat pad, heating pad with battery

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Discover our portable heating pad with USB connection for a standard powerbank.

Robust outdoor fabric, comfortable foam, bright colours and pleasant warmth make the pad an optimal companion for a stadium visit, concert, festival, camping holiday or simply the balcony or terrace at home in the cold season.

Features of our original stadium heating pad:

  • really warms sufficiently! (37-39°C) for several hours (depending on the size of the power bank)
  • chic “fan colours” with bright, robust fabric
  • light, foldable, portable, with rubber loop
  • the ideal gift for a football fan, for a visit to the stadium during the cold season
  • Seat cushion with rechargeable battery
  • Folding cushion with battery
  • Heating pad with rechargeable battery
  • can also be used in the car with a USB cable connected to the cigarette lighter (optional)

You don’t have a suitable power bank yet? Then you can order one here. You can find more details about the powerbank in the description of the cushions.

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If you only want one heating pad, please order it from Amazon. We offer our pad in all variations at Amazon at all European Amazon Marketplaces. For 2 cushions or more, you can also order alternatively in our shop. From 5 pieces there is 5% quantity discount, from 10 pieces 10%, only here in our shop.